More Old School Mega Man Games Could Come To Nintendo 3DS



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Capcom’s Senior Community Manager, Brett Elston, has hinted that more Mega Man games could come to the Nintendo 3DS. Elston was asked whether they had any plans for a classic 3D update to the Mega Man franchise similar to what Nintendo have done with games like Kirby’s Adventure, Xevious and the original Kid Icarus.

“A great idea, and one I’ve brought up before. It’s just something both Capcom Japan and Nintendo would have to collaborate on. Never say never, but no official word at the moment.”

On the Capcom forums Senior VP, Christian Svensson said that it’s unlikely that any more Mega Man titles will arrive on the Wii Virtual Console, but he’s hopeful that we will see more games arrive on the Nintendo 3DS. This is partly due to the strong fan feedback the company has received online. Here’s what Svensson had to say.

“I’m hoping the [Capcom online games] group is looking at 3DS…

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